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The company began production during the month of August 1996 in the area of interviewers Street Rock, where he was converted to a Jordanian company public shareholding in 2005 with a capital of 14 million dinars, and is registered in the Amman Financial Market 
Employing approximately 150 employees in various departments of the company.

To expand the company and become one of the most important companies of Ready Mix Concrete specialized in this field has been to increase the number of factories in the company where the factory was established Marka card (120 m3 / h) for the supply of Ready Mix Concrete for areas east of Amman and Zarqa governorate as well as the factory was set up last in the project area Andalusia (Madaba ) for the supply of Concrete, ready for the draft Andalusian and which is implemented Tameer Jordan to build the first project residential city model in Jordan contains 640 villas in addition to its facilities owns a large fleet of equipment, mixers, pumps Modern reaching Concrete mixers (53) mixer, (15) pump and Lauder number (6), excavator number (2), in addition to construction equipment and there is a future plan for the company to increase this number to fit with the companys expansion and the demand for ready mix concrete in the Jordanian market. task: The company is looking to actively participate in the activities of social and economic development. Management is committed to providing customers in the construction industry with high quality concrete, and in a manner mutually benefit, and compliance with international standards and regulatory requirements by the local bodies.

and adopt the best materials and methods to serve ready-mixed concrete to change the map of ready-mixed concrete industry, both domestically and internationally as a leader for the manufacture of ready-mixed concrete.


  • 2018-10-17

السلام عليكم

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